Foods of the Week

    Our Handmade Fresh Food

    Homemade Foods delivers handmade, small batch, freshly made baby and children's food directly to your door. Instead of buying long life jarred baby food that expires years from now, or spending your whole weekend cooking, we shop for the freshest, seasonal ingredients out there to bring you tasty, safe, wholesome food you can feel good about feeding your little one. Each ingredient that goes into our baby purees and children's food is the finest quality, tastiest, most sustainably sourced product we could get our hands on.
    We use ALL ORGANIC American, European and Australian fruits and veggies, and hormone free proteins that come from farms our suppliers visit regularly and that we have researched thoroughly. Our fish is sustainable and wild. We don't add a single preservative, filler, or any coloring and there is never any added salt in our food. We only use whole foods that you recognize on the label. Our menus change monthly, because we select produce based on its seasonality and quality. Our recipes have been tested by our own children time and time again, to bring you the best food we can provide your child through each stage of his or her eating development. Enjoy your spare time with your kids and let us do the homemade cooking for you!